What Participants Have Been Saying About Hit the Deck

"Nick was amazing! The session was highly relevant and the frameworks are just as useful for upcoming consultants as they are for non-consultants. He was highly attentive and made it fun along the way. I found the hands-on approach to be extremely useful and I'm sure I'll use these lessons constantly on the job." - Wharton MBA, Class of 2017

Professor Testimonial

The training was designed alongside Prof. Russell Walker to help students create deliverables for companies such as Google, Discover Financial, ad the Chicago Bulls.

“Nick delivers an excellent overview of what is required to make a compelling presentation. He has presented to many of my classes at Kellogg and the feedback has been unequivocally positive. His best practices and tips are valuable to novices and experts alike. I highly recommend him and his material.”

- Professor Russell Walker, Kellogg School of Management

Business Testimonial

The training has been delivered to small businesses and non-profits, to help their junior and senior staff be as productive as possible.

“Our staff … each learned something, even our most skilled in PowerPoint.  [our Executive Director] said that she thought the presentation was very accessible to those without a lot of PowerPoint experience...  [our director] said what an engaging speaker [Nick was].

- Director of Finance & Human Resources, Chicagoland non-profit

Student Testimonials

Hit the Deck has been taught to some of the world's most prestigious  universities and has been met with excellent feedback.

“Having never worked for a consulting firm, I did not have prior training on how to build a deck to better communicate ideas and recommendations to a client. Nick's class was an excellent primer”

Kellogg School of Management (KSM) MBA Student, Class of 2015

“Nick showed us many valuable and actionable techniques for making high-impact decks. He also gave us a lot of useful tips for improving our efficiency while preparing presentations and engaging an audience. This will definitely come in handy for my upcoming summer internship.”

KSM MBA Student, Class of 2016

“Nick taught me how to set up a slide or display data to communicate a message simply and powerfully.  His stories from real-world experiences made his advice even more relevant.  His energy and humor kept me engaged and - I dare say- made a PowerPoint training enjoyable.“

KSM MBA Student, Class of 2015

"Nick leads an accessible, engaging, and efficient PowerPoint training that touches on key basics from storyline development to tools and shortcuts. As a future management consultant I greatly benefitted from Nick's insights as did my peers pursuing roles in internal strategy, brand management, and more. I highly recommend this quick and effective training to all MBA students."

- NYU MBA Student, Class of 2016

“I highly recommend Nick’s class, particularly for anyone pursuing a consulting career. Even someone who has experience with PPT will leave more equipped to build compelling presentations. Not only shortcuts and technical training, but storyline development helped me significantly during my summer consulting. He also teaches in a way that’s engaging; we all had a great time!”

- Columbia Business School MBA Student, Class of 2018

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